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I was prepared to deny a lot of stuff that I did and didn’t do but this was completely strange territory.
“We need more girls!” The lieutenant said bluntly! My mouth definitely dropped open! The major smiled, “frankly put, but true. Webcam chat waianae us.
Do you have any idea what its like to be without a woman in months, years even for many of these young men?

And facing many traumatic experiences and now we need them to face them again.
We have no resources in our budget for this, recruiting women for our social venues, dances and such. Facial emotion software.
But, this reform school was mentioned, and the basic dynamics are in place for a, how shall I characterize it, a deal!” He paused, and uncrossed his legs, a sign it was getting to the nitty gritty.
“We can offer our support for a parole and an erasement of your record in return for certain services!” Now this I had heard of.

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Lots of boys were given the choice between prison and the military.
“But this time,” he continued, “we don’t need more soldiers, we need more soldiers’ girls! Particularly for the negroe servicemen.
” I gasped a little and he smiled and held up his palm.
“Just socially of course,” and I caught the look from the lieutenant right away of his doubt on that one but I didn’t care.
“You want me to be a girl, let’s get this straight!” “Your’e excellent material,” the lieutenant smiled, “slim, smallish, small boned, no protuberant adams apple, no beardline at all!” Now that struck a chord because that was what the other three guys were! “And other favorable characteristics!” The major smiled.
“Your’e saying I’m some kind of faggot?” “No, no, not at all my boy!” he made a conciliatory gesture with his hand, “we can certainly understand the, pressures, a young white boy would face in an institution like,” he looked around, “this one, and we certainly don’t hold it against you! Dating paraguay.

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