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It amazed me, he still looked like that first picture Addie had sent me, their first date at Michelle’s; long blond hair, uncombed; face covered with blond, untrimmed whiskers.
Somehow, he could pull off the look, obviously sexy as hell to my wife. Nude model maine.
They sat talking and laughing, tearing my heart out.
Yeah, this is what I was here for, but being here, seeing how close they’d become, that they were actually a couple, was almost more than I could take. Free mobile online sex chat no credit card.
Just watching Addie, MY Addie leaning into him, laughing with him, the little kisses was tearing me in two.
And I know, what the hell did I think was going to happen? That they’d just sit side-by-side, dance, make out and sit side-by-side again? Male sex chatroom. That’s not what I was seeing.
What it was was two people falling head-over-heels with each other, at least from my vantage point.
But seriously, watching my wife being seduced like she was… and seducing right back, especially knowing what she intended for later, had me so fuckin’ turned on!

Buttplug guy. Well, that and the woman beside me.
Her whispering sweet nothings in my ear, her hand on my groin, her perfume, and those kisses was only adding to my hyped-up libido.
We danced some more, I remember one song in particular, ‘I Cross My Heart’, a George Strait song from the movie ‘Pure Country’ (that movie was forty years old, but Addie and I loved it). Latino bail looking for sex tonight guy.
It seemed like this woman singer was born to sing that song.
I wished I’d gotten her name! Ginger didn’t let up on ‘giving her something to think about’.
When we danced, we kissed.
Ginger’s arms were wrapped tight around me and she encouraged my hands to roam over her back and her butt. Erika1212 porn sex with out accont.
I still couldn’t bring myself to reach under that dress, though, even if I did think she wanted me to.
If Addie was doing the same, trying to make me jealous, she was doing a damned good job of it.
Problem was, she didn’t know I was there, so she wasn’t trying to make me jealous.

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She and her guy were simply seducing each other.
Doing a damned good job of it, too! After one particularly hot dance, Ginger had retreated to the ladies’ room one more time.
Addie and Nick sat down and she whispered something in his ear, nibbling on his earlobe. Free livechat naked all time.
Then they each took a short drink and got up, walking toward the front of the building, directly toward where I was sitting; holding hands, fingers intertwined, looking at each other, Addie giggling at something Nick said. Mature sex dedham.
She was going to walk within a couple feet of where I was sitting.
There wasn’t anyplace to hide.
Up till then, I’d managed to stay back, at least some distance away and I was sure Addie hadn’t seen us.

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