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Their breathing got heavy.
They knew what was happening but did not act on it right away.
All of a sudden the power went off.
Living in New England did have its drawbacks, loss of power and phone services were fairly common. Man dating service single.
The infrastructure was very old and would not be upgraded until technology advanced.
They got the flashlight and lit a few of the candles.
This set the stage for the rest of the night.
The quiet in the room, in spite of the rain and thunder outside set a romantic atmosphere. Female shaved handjob cock and fuck.
Sara and Elaine had changed into their pajamas earlier.
They had made the bed up out of the couch.
Everything was ready for a good night’s sleep.
This was going to be just another sleep over.
That is what they thought. Enf cmnf com.
They crawled onto the bed, hugged each other and kept their arms wrapped together.

Sara was the first to move.
She had been so down that the hug from Elaine awoke a strange feeling in her.
She remembered the first time they had explored each other when Ken was there. Norsk sex chat pa mobil.
She wanted it again.
Sara pulled Elaine close to her.
She sniffed Elaine’s hair losing herself in the smell of her shampoo.
She kissed her hair.
She worked her way to Elaine’s ear kissing it and moving her caressing lips around it. Mature panties young tube.
She moved down Elaine’s neck with kisses and lip caresses.
She was slowly waking up the flames in Elaine’s body.
Hungry for more Sara rose up and moved over Elaine.
She lowered her head down and started to kiss Elaine on the lips.

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She parted her lips pushing her tongue to Elaine.
Elaine slowly opened her lips accepting the advances.
Sara moved her tongue around Elaine’s mouth gathering in as much as she could.
She nipped and sucked on Elaine’s lips. Rough sex chat.
There was so much electricity between them it could have lit up the room.
Elaine found Sara’s moves a pleasant surprise, though not unexpected.
She had wanted to take her relationship with Sara to the next level. Vintage vagina bend over.
She wanted to show Sara how much she loved her.
Sara was such a desirable woman.
Even though they were still in high school they had shared so much.
They both became women with the same man.

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