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If it hadn’t been for the anticipation of Ed’s big scene in the flick they would have turned off the movie.
It really was a dreary film as some “character study” movies can be.
Really, Ed had wondered more than a hundred times, who could have invested in a film exploring the nuances of characters in the age old story of the farmer’s daughter and traveling salesman?

Women spread legs nude. The discipline of Ed’s character by his film mother, was supposed to set the stage for a later confrontation between mother, daughter and salesman.
It had not been intended to be a significant portion of the film, but the Neo-Nazi Feminist director had sagely (accidentally?) included much more of the discipline scenes than had been originally intended.

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That happy accident is what landed the film in its cult favorite status.
Phyllis was raptly attentive to Ed’s part of the film, her eyes glued to the action and, to Ed, seemingly unbreathing through the twelve minutes. Adult speed dating kara.
It was a struggle for both Ed and Phyllis to actually sit through the end of the movie after witnessing those oddly out of place punishment scenes.

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