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I hated death, and I hated sickness, it made me feel uncomfortable, and in my line of work I had seen enough of it.
Covering wars and outbreaks.
I picked up my bag and slung it over my shoulder and walked up the tiled path with flower beds on either side. Anyone want it tonight.
Then I knocked on the door.
When it opened my father was standing there, he looked at me, curiosity in his eyes.
“Yes? Can I help you?” “Hi dad, it’s me.
” “Chris? Oh, my god, I didn’t recognize you at first. Atk hairy bella.
Come in.
” I walked past him into the large foyer.
Across it were the French doors out onto the back terrace, pool and garden.

When he had closed the door behind me he hugged me and said, “we have missed you so much. Stepmom big boobs retro handjob tubes.
” I let go of him.
“Where is Mom?” He sighed.
“Upstairs, sleeping.
” “How is she?” “Some days are better than others, I guess, but she is very sick.
” He walked away and I left my bag by the door and followed him into the kitchen. Russian father and daughter porno.
“Coffee?” he said.
” “Where did you fly in from?” “La Paz, Bolivia.
” “What were you doing there?” “Covering the elections.
” He was quiet while he poured two mugs and handed one to me.

Then he said, “how long are you staying?” “A couple of days only. Spy cam mom porn.
” “C’mon, stay longer.
Your mother would love to have you around.
” “Maybe, let’s see how things go.
” We sat in silence and then I said, “When do I get to meet her?” He looked up from his mug.
“Liza?” “Yeah, who else? Sladkayaparo4 wechat video nude. Have you adopted more kids while I was gone?” He smiled, “no, just her.
I guess she is still sleeping.
” “Tell me about her.
All I know is that you adopted her ten years ago, and she is from Colombia.

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