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Her finger was a blur now, and her insides felt like molten lava as her climax prepared to pour over her, but just as she was about to cum, there was a light tap on her door.
Julie knew it could only be her son Tyler, and she tried to stop fingering herself, but unlike Charlotte when Jamie had interrupted her, Julie was so close to orgasm that her body wouldn’t listen. Teen has orgasm on webcam and lucky guy.
She tried to speak, to tell him he couldn’t come in, but the feeling was just too intense, so instead of stopping and composing herself, Julie kept rubbing her clit.
She hoped he would just give up and go away, but in a few seconds, there was another knock, followed by Tyler saying, “Mom, are you awake?” Now Julie was beyond the point of no return.

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She was so close that even if she stopped stroking her clit right then, she was going to climax.
So, she continued to frig herself without an ounce of concern that her son might catch her; in fact, she was so overcome with lust that she almost hoped he would. Classy japanese.
Just then Tyler opened her door, and as his eyes focused on his masturbating mom, she came.
“Oh God; Tyler, get out!” Julie screamed as uncontrollable spasms of pleasure exploded deep in her belly, but her son couldn’t move.

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He was paralyzed by the sight of his beautiful mother lying naked on her bed with her legs spread wide, one hand moving furiously between her muscular thighs while the other clutched her breasts.
It was the second time in two days that he had seen her naked, but this was different. Extreme gushing squirt.
Even with his limited sexual knowledge, he quickly realized she was masturbating, and despite him watching, her fingers never stopped assaulting her pulsating cunt.

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