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I tugged at the chain a couple times just as an added assurance – and to bring another whimper from her, which made me smile.
With clamps on her nipples, I brought the final piece out for her to view.
A ball gag. Free amateur housewife homepage.
Silencing her protests scared my little whore more than anything I had done so far and she immediately began trying to talk me out of using the gag, promising she would be quiet, promising she would do whatever I wanted if I would just forget the gag. Girls inflatable pool toys fetish.
But her bargaining fell on deaf ears.
I brought the ball to Precious’ lips but she clamped her mouth shut, refusing to open it.
Good, I was hoping for that.
I love a willful and uncooperative slut! Grabbing one of her clamped tits, I squeezed hard on the clamp, pinching her poor nipple extremely hard until she opened her mouth to scream.

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I shoved the ball into the open hole in her face and pushed it deep into her mouth, seating it well behind her teeth.
Buckling the strap behind her head, I slapped her tits hard several times afterward so she would understand that disobedience has its consequences. Kinky sex date in delta city ms. Swingers kinkycouples sex..
Precious sat there, bound and gagged, clamped and panting, as I looked at my handiwork.
She really was quite beautiful and I could feel my own wetness as I saw her glistening cunt and puckered little asshole. Down to earth girl seeks down to earth guy.
I knelt between her spread legs and began lapping at her wet pink pussy.
She was so wet I easily slid two fingers into her pussy, and started thrusting fast going in and slow coming out, every now and then spreading my fingers a bit.

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Precious closed her eyes and moaned through her gag.
I smiled.
My Precious was such a slave to her own body.
I sped up at that point, going as fast I could, then slowed down long enough to fit a third finger in. Dick in miley s pussy.
I used my other hand to alternately slap her inner thigh and rub her erect little clit, and it wasn’t long before Precious was pleading through her gag to cum.
I stopped then and after Precious caught her breath, I started teasing her again. Kiskaxxx usa sexy video calls video.
Repeating what I had just done, it was only a minute or so before she was back on the edge of madness, her thighs quivering, her breath coming in ragged gasps sucking wind in around the gag, and sweat rolling off her forehead and dripping onto her clamped tits.

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Again she moaned and begged to cum and again she was denied.
I was loving this! One more heating up and Precious was ready for what I had in mind for her next.
She sat there, pussy drooling and covered in sweat I could see the flushed look on her face and the lust-fogged look in her eyes. Sexy blonde in skirt porn.
She was no longer the person who walked in the door earlier this evening, but rather an obedient, sex-starved slave slut, willing to do whatever I asked just for the chance to cum! I stepped away momentarily, telling my little whore I would be right back as I left the room. Messy creampie bukkake videos.
Precious sat there bound in the chair and feeling hornier by the second thinking of what I had planned.
She moaned softly as her mind played over the variations she could imagine.
A little while later I returned to the room, having changed into my tight black and red corset and black crotch top boots. Amateur anal fisting spankwire.

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