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Erin walked down the hall and waited.
She wanted to see the guy that Megan had brought home.
So when Megan left the room alone, Erin knew that Megan was only in there by herself.
As Erin walked into her room, the smell of pussy was in the air. Double headed dildos mpg.
It was the same smell as in her room at home after a long session of fucking her self to climax.
For some strange reason Erin began to become aroused at the thought of her new roommate playing with herself. Hot girl messy facial.
Erin could feel her panties becoming moist.
She walked over to Megan’s bed and for no reason she could fathom, inhaled the odor coming from Megan’s bed.

Erin had never been with a woman, she had never really thought about it. Jesse jane amateur.
But the smell of Megan’s fresh pussy juice emanating throughout the room turned her on.
Erin wondered how Megan got her self off, by her fingers, maybe a marker or something else.
Erin had no idea where these thoughts were coming from. Denmark dating women.
She was now picturing Megan naked on her bed fingering her self and it turned her on.
Erin could feel her nipples press against her bra and her pussy start to saturate her panties.
Erin felt like she was in a trance.

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She walked around the room looking for anything that Megan might have used to fuck her self.
Erin saw many things that looked like they may be able to work.
She picked up a marker off Megan’s desk and smelled it, nothing. Horny ladies phones in talas.
She even sniffed the remote control to the TV and nothing.
She finally sat on her bed cursing her self, what was she doing, looking for items that her new roommate might have used to fuck her self.

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