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Regina had discovered that Ed, though not the “star”, was still a central figure in a film that had taken on cult status over the past 8 years since its release.
In an effort to raise the final money necessary to finish his MBA, Ed had appeared in about twelve minutes of the film, all of which were about him taking a spanking and switching on film.

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It was those few minutes that had made a cult legend.
Although no one in “real life” knew it was Ed on film, almost everyone he knew also knew of the film and were amongst the many fans.
It was so popular that Ed’s residual checks grew bigger every year, such was the impact of grass roots fans for cult flicks. Canadian woman in girdle.

But, Regina had discovered Ed’s secret and had used it to black mail her into silence about her discovery.
Ed had to submit to a painful spanking at her hand as well as her hairbrush and paddle.
But, she had sworn it was all over between them. Big titty black teens.
Now, Ed’s heart skipped a beat as he watch Regina come into the office, but she bypassed him.
He sighed with relief as he did not want to reenact the prior evening.

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