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He was heaving now.
Deep sobs each time the brush bit in to his burning cheeks.
“Well Ben, you are only getting your just desserts.
I hope you learn your lesson.
Does it hurt?” Ben remained silent, except for his sobbing as I continued to plaster his bottom. Phone sex chat kings beach.
“Answer me Ben please” I said, emphasising the statement with some very hard spanks all landing on the same spot.
“I’m sorry Charlotte.
It hurts Charlotte.
A lot.
” “Well, that is the idea.
So I guess I’m doing it right. Glory hole xtube.
” I smiled.
He couldn’t see me smile.
I kept spanking him, but I knew control was passing over to me.
I let him rest there for a while once I had finished.
Stroking his bottom.
Telling him quietly the first bit was over. Sex hookup in kolkata.
He of course knew his Mother always gave them three sessions across her lap.

He knew there would be two more sessions before it was fully over.
He was being disciplined and I hoped he would learn.
But we both knew that we would have to repeat this because he was basically a naughty and often childish man. Josh duhon dating.
Time and again we knew he would need to be put across my lap to be disciplined.
I looked across at David.
I could see his erection.
His nose still touching the wall but his bottom now slightly away, to give his erection room without being pressed against the wall. Aroberts naked porn usan videos.
“How dare you” came the shout from the doorway.
Mother had returned.
She went right up to David and smacked him hard on his bottom.

He gasped but dared not turn around.
“How dare you get aroused by Ben being spanked. Validating social security number.
Well my lad, I guess you haven’t learnt your lesson so I am going to have to teach you properly during the second session.
Come with me.
” She grabbed his arm and led him back to the chair I had now vacated, and pulled him across her lap. Realteensex.
Immediately she started to spank him with her open palm.
Spank after spank, scolding him all the time.
I turned to Ben and said “are you learning your lesson Ben or do you need some more of that?” I asked nodding towards David and his Mother. Webcam flert free.
“No I’ve learned Charlotte.
Really I have.
” I looked at him.

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