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We kissed hot and heavy for several moments.
Rebecca broke our kiss and I raised my head to look at her beautiful face.
“John, honey, are you sure about this? I mean about.
” I smiled and leaned down to kiss her neck and then I kissed my way down her neck to her shoulder, then to her collarbone then to the top of her sternum.
“Ohhh, God!” Rebecca said as she arched her back to my kisses. Portland wv horney girls.
I reached her bra and she watched as I slowly unclipped the front hook and, pausing for effect, peeled the bra apart to reveal her wonderful DD breasts.
Rebecca smiled when she saw my reaction to seeing her topless for the first time.
“So, you are a tit man are you?

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“To be honest, I’m more the whole package kinda guy.
I like everything about a woman!” I said, “But you got a hell of a nice start here!” To show her what I meant I leaned down and began licking at one of her hard erect nipples. Julietguess usa adultsex video.
Rebecca moaned as she felt my tongue scrape across the sensitive bud and curl around it in a tiny tongue-hug.
I sucked the nipple into my mouth, nibbling at it with my teeth and gently biting it.

Rebecca seemed to like my chewing on her nipples, so I switched to give the other one just as much attention. Sexi live chatroom.
With one hand she pulled my face down harder onto her tit while she held it up, feeding it to me with the other.
I wasn’t going to waste a perfectly good meal either.
I licked and sucked, bit and tugged on her nipples as she moaned and wriggled happily under me. Nude blonde business woman.

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