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“Why don’t we roll over with you on top Cathy, you can control what happens” I said.
This Cathy did, not letting my penis escape from her hot and tight vagina.
I still hadn’t penetrated her completely, perhaps that would now happen. Bishop bdsm drawings.
Cathy was astride me, and started to experiment with moving up and down.
Each stroke she slowly took me deeper and deeper, until she could take no more.
“I feel so full, is that how it should be?” asked Cathy. Huge load hairy pussy.
“Yes” said her mother Rose.
“Why don’t you just try different moves, experience the moment with Uncle Jim.
” Cathy moved forwards and backwards, stretching her vagina more and more.

It was so hot and tight that I felt that I could not hold off much longer. Naked emo guy with a rock hard dick.
I rolled Cathy off, and then got her on her hands and knees.
I entered her from behind, slowly pushing deeper and deeper, my pleasure immense.
When I could go no deeper, I withdrew, and then entered again, each time a little deeper as Cathy became more used to my size. Al capone milk bottle dating.
Faster and faster I plunged into Cathy, each stroke she was pushing back into me.
She cried out, her elbows collapsing as she lost control of her body as a final orgasm racked her body.

I dug my fingers into her hips to hold her, as Rose grabbed my balls and pulled them, delaying my orgasm to enhance Cathy’s. Alinnessweet free chat without sign up to bosnia.
I kept plunging deeper, and just when I thought that I could stand it no longer, Rose released by balls and I exploded in Cathy, cum bubbly out of Cathy as I continued with slow strokes into her tight and now very wet vagina. Mumbai adult dating club.
I withdrew from Cathy, and rolled her sideways so that we could have a cuddle in the afterglow of our exertions.

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