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It was a weekend when my next-door neighbour, Alison, had called round early to borrow something, coffee I think it was, and we had been talking about Annie.
Alison felt Annie was only interested in the possibility of a bit of casual sex, “That is fine with me,” I told her, “I have nothing against sex just for fun.
“So why have you not given her the invitation then?” Alison asked, “you are too shy to ask her, aren’t you?” “Of course not,” I protested, “I have just not found the right time yet.
” “Rubbish,” she insisted, “you are shy. Jeans tease.
You have always been too shy to make the first move.
Even with me, you were living next door to me how long? And it was me who had to make the first move with you.
” “I know,” I admitted, “I would give anything to be like you, all confident and upfront with it.
” “So you do want her then?” Alison asked.

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I nodded sadly.
“Okay,” she said in that “take-charge” voice of hers, “so let’s see if she really is interested in you then.
” “How do we do that?” I asked, suddenly nervous about what she was planning.
“We put the goods on display, and see if she wants what she sees,” She told me, “wait here.
” With that she went upstairs to my bedroom, returning shortly with some of the items from my bedside cabinet.
“What time does she usually arrive?” Ali asked me. Playboy bunnies nude babe sexy.
I glanced at the clock.
“In about twenty minutes” I told” her.
“Good, plenty of time then.
Strip,” she ordered, “robe off, show the goodies.
” I stripped off, and she led me into the hallway, turning me around, locking leather straps around my arms, plus a waist strap that had a loose strap that went between my legs, fastening behind me.

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She enclosed my wrists in leather cuffs, fastened also behind me.
The ankles were also cuffed and then ankle cuffs were joined to my wrist cuffs with a short metal chain, forcing me into a kneeling position. Gillian anderson fuck porn nude naked sex.
I tried moving, but was unable to move more than a couple of inches.
Alison half-dragged me into position out of the way of the front door.
“So she usually knocks and walks straight in?” she asked.

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