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Even the bathrooms were videoed; unethical certainly, yet Reggie didn’t give a damn, it was his bar, and the tapes were for his private use.
If nothing interesting happened, each tape was recorded over until someone gave in to their baser urges and got dirty. Sladkiy0007 girls na cam.
Such an instance was happening at that very moment: a spitroast in the men’s room.

Reggie had to chuckle as one of his bouncers leaned back against the sink furthest from the door, his dark hand fisted in the hair of a tiny blonde with a big ass. Kenyan teen sex hookups.
Reggie had gotten smart, and had very sensitive microphones installed to pick up the nasty audio that came with nasty couplings such as this.
“Yeah, suck that black cock, you dirty little whore.

” The sound was slightly tinny, but the girl’s muffled moan was clearly heard, and Andrea swivelled on her stilettos as the volume was turned up on that monitor. Redtube wife licks clit.
They made soft clicks as she drew closer to the opulent desk.
“Such a nasty slut.
” A new voice intoned, and midnight-black hands gripped pale hips as a wet splat sounded, and the blond jumped, squealing around the bouncer’s cock as she was roughly taken from behind. American dating personals online dating.

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