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By the time Tim had his tongue pushing her pussy lips apart he was hard again.
He licked and sucked her hot moist lips tasting his own cum.
Putting one finger inside her he began to finger fuck her whilst sucking on her clit. Sim dating festival days cheats.
Beth’s hips rose off the bed pushing hard against his face, he felt her pussy shudder as she let open a load squeal.
Her orgasm continued with squeals and hard contractions of her pussy, when she stopped they both lay panting on the bed. Livingtv co uk dating.
The Main course: They lay side by side on the bed.
Beth broke the silence.
“Thanks for doing that, they’re lots of men who won’t go down there if there’s any cum about.
” Tim was still shocked by her frankness.
“How did you know I would then?” he quizzed.

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Beth, turned on her side and raised herself onto one shoulder.
“Well, I didn’t think you were the sort of guy who would be bothered by that.
In fact, I’d guess you enjoyed it?” Tim nodded.
Beth reached down to gently hold his erect cock in her delicate fingers. Connecticut dating laws.
Beth went on, “Brian has told me you once wanked each other off at Uni – is that true?” Tim nodded again looking very embarrassed.

Beth kissed him, “That’s nothing to be embarrassed over, I’ve slept with women before. Adult singles dating in guilford connecticut ct..
It doesn’t make be a lesbian or you gay.
She stretched her leg across his body her soft inner thigh resting on his semi-erect cock.
“Have you ever thought about it since?” “I guess so,” Tim murmured, clearly feeling a bit shy about it all. Zack silva naked.
She lightly stroked his nipple with her finger tip.
“Brian’s quite a sex adventurer, I think he gets people to do things they never thought possible.

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