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Maddie then laid on her back against the picnic table and moaned in ecstasy as her dream was coming true.
Matt continued to lick and suck on Maddie’s breasts and nipples while also moving her skirt up, revealing no panties underneath. Girls of british porn nude.
Maddie then used her feet to pull down Matt’s boxers, as his cock began to grind against Maddie’s virgin pussy.
After a few moments of grinding, Matt lifted Maddie’s feet into the air and prepared his cock for entry. Lesbian valentines day expeimenting.
“Gently please, I’ve been saving myself for you,” Maddie whimpered.
Matt moved his cock in and out slowly as Maddie’s pussy adjusted to the size.
Thunder boomed as Matt suddenly thrusthis cock fully into Maddie forcefully. Santana and puck dating in real life.
The pleasure was unlike Maddie had ever experienced before.

Slowly moving faster, Matt also enjoyed how tight she was, but also realized that he had never encountered a connection like this with anyone he had sex with before. Horny grannies clairmont.
They stayed in the same position for about a minute, getting faster and faster until Maddie’s body straightened out and began to convulse with pleasure.
Matt noticed her cumming and stopped, leaned in, and began to passionately kiss Maddie on the lips. Doreenkiss sunny leone life sex charts.
Maddie eventually pushed him back and then bent over the table, spreading her ass to reveal her holes for Matt to see.
Matt then entered her pussy again, causing her even more pleasure as it hit whole new areas that made her moan loudly, drowned out by the thunder and pouring rain.

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She could feel another orgasm coming and said between breaths, “Matt… come inside me.
It’s okay.
I’m on the pill…” Almost as she finished the sentence she felt warmth fill her insides.
She turned her head around to see Matt’s face wincing in pleasure as he came into her, not letting a drop escape from inside her. Throat fuck with puke.
They kissed again as they began to put on clothes.
Maddie quickly grabbed panties out of her purse, and put them on, attempting to prevent as much cum from escaping.
Matt laughed playfully as he watched Maddie struggle to retain the fluids. Adult swinger clubs chetumal city.
They both began putting all their clothes back on as the rain died down.

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