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Damn, I love her.
She still wants it, the lust is hot in this room but I have to leave her body.
I say to her, “Madi, I do want you but not now, later.
” Madi stood up and said sadly, “But Lee, when can I have you?” I have a small smile because it has been forever since a girl has asked for my body next to her.

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I take my hand, gently hold her hand and kiss her like I’ll never see her again.
Eventually, Madi and I put our clothes back on and try to exit out the restaurant rapidly.
As she waits for her daddy to pick her up, I lift her sexy body the air, give her another kiss on the lips and say, “I’ll play with your body on the first day of the camp session. horny ladies that want to fuck.

” She smiles, gives me a kiss on the cheek and says, “One day down, 192 days until her first day of Camp.
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