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Then she gently applied plasters to three cuts that had appeared on my right buttock.
She then wiped the blood from her implements and put them back into her sports bag and cane carrier.
I finally looked at her standing there. Sexy porn stars getting pussy fucked.
She was sweaty and exhausted from disciplining me.
“Stand up, dear and I’ll put some nice cooling gel on your bottom.
Would you like that?” She smiled.
I got to my feet, aware that my bottom was red hot and sore. Engligh granny dating.
“Yes please,” I replied suppressing the urge to wince with the pain.
The older lady sat down on the sofa, ironed the creases from her skirt and patted her knee gently to indicate that I should position myself across her lap. Redtube multiple milf fucking.
I did this, and Mrs Jensen opened the tube of gel and applied the cool liquid to my hot bottom.

It was an amazing feeling.
She kept me over her lap for a good half an hour and her hands began to wander between my legs once more. Completely dating sites for single parents.
It wasn’t long before my erection re-appeared.
The no-nonsense teacher was determined that she would make use of it.
“Right, stand up Peter and then come and sit next to me on the sofa.
” She said in a soft voice. Erotic sex stories girlfriends sister threesome.
I got to my feet and sat on the left-hand seat on the sofa.
Louise shuffled along, allowing me enough room to sit down.
“So, how was that for you – a proper punishment?” She smiled.
It was amazing. Underwater footjob.
I loved it,” I replied.
Louise Jensen smiled and looked at my erection.
“I can tell.
” She placed her right hand on my cock and began to slowly move it backwards and forwards.
I desperately wanted to put my hands on her breasts that were proudly straining behind the buttons of her white blouse, but she read my mind and her left hand took my right, holding it on her left breast.

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“I usually relieve Karen in the bathroom afterwards but would really like it if you could help me this afternoon.
” She smiled and continued to move my cock backwards and forwards, getting faster and faster. Blackcock tiny teens.
“Yes, Miss.
” I gasped.
“What can I do?” “Would you have sex with me?” The Head Mistress stared into my eyes and pushed my hand tighter onto her breast.
“I’d like that,” I replied as I leaned over and kissed her on the lips. Powerpuff girls naked big tits porn.
We spent a while on the sofa, kissing and touching one another before I got up to my feet and pulled Louise to hers.

I led her up the stairs and to my bedroom where she placed her glasses on my bedside table. Voluptuous vixn lookin for a bonfire buddy.
I kissed her on the neck and behind her ears and began working on the buttons of her blouse.
Soon it was undone and revealed a white bra.
I unzipped her skirt as we continued to kiss, her tongue going deeper and deeper into my mouth. Silk pantyhose for women.
The older lady removed her blouse and let it fall to the floor, slowly followed by her skirt.
She slipped out of her knickers and I undid her bra, immediately placing my lips around the nipple on her right breast and kissing and licking it. Angela gossow dating.
Louise moaned with pleasure as I bit gently on her erect nipple.
I slid my fingers into her pussy which was wet and began to massage her.
Mrs Jensen was breathing heavily.
Her hand was stroking my cock and balls before we moved onto the bed. Mocka flickor fitta.

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