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I was done and I slumped on top of him.
Holding me in his strong arms, he said, Hmm, not bad at all, Sophia.
Your fiance is a lucky guy.
My heart was racing as I said, Fuck, I don’t know about that.
I mean, I’m having my first affair here. Sexualnaya887 best chat sex.
I wish we could make this a regular thing, he said, but I think my bride will have some questions if the stripper from my stag night starts hanging around.
I think it best if this is a one night only deal. Xxx huge cock clips.
I fancied a regular taste of his superb cock, but I agreed with Charlie.
Well, I sighed, we’d better make it a night to remember.
You’re on.
And, if you don’t mind, I think it’s my turn to cum, don’t you? Listening and validating feelings. It is and I’ll do my best to hold out.
But I can’t promise anything.
Charlie lifted me off him as if I weighed no more than a feather.

He got off the bed, flipped me onto all fours, grabbed my hips tightly — and rammed his fat cock back inside me. Gay clubs odessa ukraine.
Charlie got to work right away, driving his cock deeper into me than ever before.
I looked over my shoulder at him and said, Oh, fuck baby, not so rough.
Mmm, I can’t help it, Sophia, you feel so fucking good, he said and carried on pounding away. Nude cam girls.
I felt his fabulous tube of fuck meat stretching me even more.
I guessed John would feel the difference in me, but I didn’t care: I was totally wrapped up in the sensations of Charlie’s massive cock pummeling me. Chick gettin butt fucked gard.
Knowing that this would be a one-off, I let Charlie have his way, feeling his cock ramming ever deeper inside of me.
Finally, his hips slammed against me and I knew he was balls deep.
All I could do was yelp, Oh, fuck… yes Charlie, don’t stop.

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Give me everything you’ve got.
Just remember you asked for it, Charlie grunted as he gripped my hips tighter and slammed in and out of me, harder and faster than I ever thought possible.
The pleasure just kept increasing and it was crazy, almost too much. Black boob sucks by guys.
Oh, shit Charlie… I’m so fucking close! Keep going, please.
I really wanted him to come with me but my orgasm was boiling up fast and I couldn’t hold out against such unreal fucking.
The more Charlie gave me, the more I wanted from him, and I was right on edge when… oh yes, thank god, his cock started throbbing. Sexy asian cams.
Oh, fuck, Sophia, I hope you’re on the pill because I’m about to… shit, here it cums, Charlie shouted, ramming his cock as deep as he could.

A huge thick load hit my cervix and that pushed me over the edge. Nympho compilation 8 pmv more on pmvpro com.
My back arched and I surrendered to all the pleasure.
Oh, fucking shit, yes! I cried, bucking and thrashing wildly under Charlie while the best orgasm of my life raced through me.
I clenched my pussy around his mammoth cock, trying to milk every last drop of cum out of his balls, and he slammed into me several more times before finally releasing me. Honey creek wisconsin horny girls.
I tumbled onto the bed, and I think I passed out for a few seconds.
Whatever the next I remember was a smiling Charlie next to me.
I just stared into his eyes and wished that he was mine.
Surely we couldn’t stop now. Tall blonde pissing women.
I returned his smile.
This can’t be the only time we’re together, Charlie.
We must find a way to keep fucking like this.

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