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I pulled away, still with my hand stroking through his shorts and not taking my eyes off his.
He gave me that rapid head nod.
The one that silently says ‘yeah, yeah, keep going, keep going’.
My eyes locked on his, I slowly got on my knees. Homeless tillsonburg.
While looking up at him the whole time I brought my other hand to his waist band and slowly pulled the front of his shorts down to let “Thor” spring free.
As I wrapped my hand around his now throbbing dick, it was time to play our game. Two dudes 420 friends.
“Whatchya got?” I asked.
“Meat straw,“ he stated.
Meat straw! One of his favourite lines.
Man, it was so crude and I always pretended to be offended when he said it, but secretly it cracked me up.
“Meat straw, huh? Club local sex swinger. I guess I should suck on it then and see what cums out,” I asked with a questioning tone.

Clearly I didn’t need to wait for permission as he helped clear the way and pushed the waist band of his shorts down further to make himself more comfortable. Teddy002 veb porno chat.
Of course it didn’t hurt that my favourite make-me-horny song was blasting on the stereo.
The lyrics go something like “I like your pants around your feet, I like the dirt that’s on your knees, and I like the way you still say please when you’re looking up at me, you’re like my favourite damn disease”. Lonely woman lexington.
DAMN! That song gets me wet every time! I then stuck my tongue out and gave this swollen dick a long slow lick from balls to head.
I reached around to the other side and did the same thing.

I loved to tease, but when it came to sucking cock, he hated it. Foot black.
He loved it when I wrapped my lips all around and took him all in.
So without much further ado, I indulged.
It was big, it was thick and it was fucking hard.
I began at his bulging head and my lips wrapped fully around. Sexy indian videos to watch on psp.
He was a big boy and if I wasn’t careful it was easy to take in too much and have a gag reflex.
But I had a pretty good pattern, take in a good inch and pull back, go back down and take another half inch to inch on top of the first one I just did, and pull back up again. 1goodcouple anita cam girls.
The trick was never to pull away completely so I always had his pulsing tip wrapped in my moist wet lips.

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