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I just stood there with my mouth hanging open.
“Damn Linda! This is gorgeous.
When you said boat, I had no idea.
” “Wally and I got a really good deal on it.
It belonged to the estate of the first house we bought in Cabo. Sexy nude women quotes.
It had been in an outdoor storage yard for over six years.
And before that, it had sat in the water for a couple more but never used.

We had to replace all the sails, refinish all the wood, had the hull sandblasted and repainted as it was this truly awful green that was all chipped anyway. Sexy charli gets her sweet ass banged anal sex video.
Some animals had gotten inside one of the guest cabins, so that had to be completely refurbished.
The rest of the interior wasn’t too bad, but we had it completely gone over and added some upgrades as well.

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They basically just included it with the house as it cost nearly 500k to have it refurbished.
Of course, we didn’t pay that much, since Wally’s guys that worked on the house did a lot of the interior work on the boat and refinished the deck and trim as well. More free vids and pics at hustler.
” “Well, it’s amazing.
What is it, around 80 feet?

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