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As a result, when he renewed his assault on my ass there was no keeping that slippery, cum slathered digit out.
He spent a few seconds greasing up and teasing my pucker with his cum-soaked finger and then began to push it into me, and I could only groan with a mix of pain and pleasure as he penetrated me. Black girls fucking in kumasi.
Joanie was right about my recently discovered affinity for ass play, so I made a conscious decision to try to relax to lessen the pain.
It worked, too, and as he penetrated me more deeply, I groaned with pleasure at the sensations his thick finger was creating in me. Dominatrix session.
As he got that giant finger all the way inside of me, he laughed at my moans and at my ass clenching on him in spasms of ecstasy.
“See, Ben, this is just the first step; before you know it, you’ll be begging me to fuck that virgin butt of yours.

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” I groaned.
“I’m sure – either that, or I’ll be running the other way with my hands over my ass.
” There was no chance in hell that he was ever going to stick that phone pole of a cock up my ass, that was certain! Slutload amateur banging wife. As he chuckled at my response, he began to use his finger up my bum to push me and pull me so that I was actively fucking Joanie even as he finger-fucked me.
In addition, he homed in on my prostate and within seconds of him beginning to stroke that over-excited organ I reached the point of no return. Ava jay dirty old man tricks stupid young slut.
“Ohhh, fuck, yeah… coming, babe, I’m coming!” That simple declaration would turn out to be a massive understatement.

She bucked her hips up to meet me, and the combination of my over-aroused state from watching him fuck Joanie, sucking his cock and licking her creamy pussy, and now her warm, wet slippery sex sliding on my cock and his finger touching all the good places inside slammed me into the most intense orgasm I’d ever experienced. Mini skirt girls.
It was a toe-curling, eyes-rolled-back-in-the-head beast of an orgasm, and I pumped and spasmed, my cock leaping and spurting wildly inside of my wife and my body locked in tonic spasm as my asshole did its best to pinch his finger off his hand. Bisexual personals fenton.

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