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And I don’t know why, but it sure made me even more wet when he grabbed on tight and pulled.
He starts off gently, just sort of massaging the back of my head but I sure know when he’s getting close to cumming. Background check for dating.
He wasn’t there yet but I could feel an explosion getting ready to burst out of that “Meat Straw” of his.
“You have no idea how good that feels, fuck I love it when you suck me like this.
” By now his cock was receiving a mixture of tongue and firmly gripped fingers. Busty brunette honey.
Every once and a while I would take him all in to make sure he was good and lubed up.
When he was getting close he liked it when I stroked his pulsing red tip with the palm of my hand.
It was quite a particular motion requiring a bit of finessing. Short black hair babe nude.
The trick was to make sure the palm of my hand was good and wet as I would roll over the head in a swirling, figure eight kind of motion.

When I did this, it usually spurred on the start of the grand finale. Speed dating in french.
“Oh yeah, baby, stick it back in your mouth.
Stick it back in so you can swallow for me.
Fuck I love it when you swallow.
” Oh yeah, he was definitely getting ready to fill my mouth with his sweet nectar. Skunk riley interracial on tube 8.
I felt his grip tighten on my ponytail and he began moving my whole head up and down to make it so he was fucking my mouth.
“Oh yeah, here we go.
you ready, baby, oh yeah I’m gonna cum.
I’m gonna fucking cum and fucking shoot it straight down your throat.

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” In two more quick deep thrusts he came and he didn’t lie.
He filled my whole mouth with his hot, sweet cum.
I still had a solid grasp of his pulsing cock with my hand could feel every last drop shoot up his shaft and right into my mouth. Bbw mfm threesome sex positions.
“Mmmmmmmmmm, fuck me that rocked,” was pretty much all he could say after this little love-in.
At this point, he was done, but I kept my lips and tongue in action still as I gently licked his still hard cock all over and gave a couple of tender kisses to his balls. Sybian threesome.
I made sure that I took in every last drop of my sweet boy.
When I knew he was completely and fully satisfied I reached over for his beer and took a sip.

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