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I enjoy watching you squirm.
In time you’ll get what you want.
My hot mouth will wrap around your hard cock, sucking you up and down your shaft.
Your balls will find their way into my mouth.
I’ll sit on your cock, working it with my wet pussy. Chat coupleroom.
If you’re a good boy, I’ll even let you put that hard rod in my tight little ass,” she said.
Steve groaned with each description.
He wanted her now.
She was so good at what she was describing, and he knew he’d cum hard when he finally got to bury his cock in her. Romis939 roulette free cam chat.
Isabel’s hot mouth continued down Steve’s chest.
She pulled his shirt up and over his head.

Her mouth found his skin hot.
His hands tangled into her hair trying to guide her down to his cock, but she resisted. Vahalla foot fetish.
Her tongue and teeth found his nipples, nipping at them lightly.
Isabel’s tongue travelled down, to the patch of hair just above the waist of his jeans.
As her tongue danced through the hair, Steve groaned, pressing Isabel’s head down.
“Oh, baby, I need you. Dating game questions for teenagers.
Suck my cock, please,” Steve begged.
Isabel rewarded him, freeing his cock, gulping it into her hot mouth.
Steve felt relief as her tongue and mouth worked his hard shaft.

As she teased the head, Steve’s brain ceased to think about anything but her magic mouth on him. Black sex dating.
Isabel was a great cocksucker, knowing exactly what Steve liked.
She varied pressure and speed as well as depth.
Steve knew he was about to blow.
Isabel felt his cock grow in her mouth.
When Steve was near the point of no return, she pulled her mouth off his cock, leaving him wanting more.
“Oh fuck, baby, I was just about to cum,” Steve gasped.
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