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“Right there,” I said, as he swept his tongue almost shyly over my clitoris.
I groaned approval as he applied perfect pressure and licked me exactly how I needed to be licked.
It had taken months of training to get him to do that so perfectly. Bookworm free online game.
My back arched and I felt thick, strong fingers digging into the flesh of my hips, holding me in place as his tongue worked its magic.
He was intent on making me come since he knew that I wouldn’t even touch his cock until I had at least one orgasm in the bank. Porno star belladonna.
My orgasm fired in a sweet peak of ecstasy quickly followed by a rush of involuntary convulsions.

It was good, as it always was when Peter licked me but the intensity was that little bit higher as I thought about what I had planned for him and my ass. Sweetdannax pron sex adult.
Peter was still down between my legs, grinning, thinking that his work was done and it was time to reap his reward.
“Lick me,” I hissed, my fingers moving into the chocolaty strands of his hair, tugging meaningfully. Free twink jerking his cock movies.
The grin faded and his tongue ran wickedly over my outer labia and dug inside my slippery groove.
It felt good, but I had other plans for that tongue.

Gritting my teeth, I applied pressure to the top of Peter’s head, guiding him further down. Sissy slave training.
His tongue raked along my slit, and dug into the mouth of my vagina.
I squealed at the delicious sensation.
He was so eager, so willing to please me.
There was a sudden burst of pressure and fullness as his tongue penetrated me. Mario3010 best video chat without ragistration usa.
I wanted to let him work my pussy, to feel the soft lips sucking, his mouth opening and closing hungrily as he tasted me.

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