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It fairly dripped with confidence and assuredness.
“I am no one,” Lorraine answered softly.
“I am no one, Sir,” Ratcliff corrected.
He reached to her chest and lifted the slim black chain between thick fingers. Discreet sex forums arkansas.
Luke watched as he pulled the chain, the clamps tugging her nipples into sharpened points.
Lorraine’s breath caught but she held her position.
“Do not forget again, or you’ll be punished.
” He released the links and her shoulders momentarily slumped.
“Yes, Sir.
” “Who are you?” Ratcliff repeated. Blogspot short erotic stories.
Luke sat, pen poised, missing the significance of the real Dom’s presence and authority, the set of his stance and the timbre of his voice.
“No one, Sir.
” “Very good.
What are you?” “A pet, sir.
A toy.
” “Yes, toy, that’s correct.
” He reached up a hand and petted the girl’s hair, stroking lovingly.

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Again, Luke missed the significance of the reward as Lorraine smiled, head still down, eyes lowered.
“And tell me, who’s pet are you?” “Yours, Sir.
” The words came out quiet and tiny, but without hesitation.
“Your pet. Unreal boob videos on demand.
Your toy to play with.
” Ratcliff looked to Mr.
Monroe and they traded confirming and appreciative glances.
Luke saw this, wrote in his notebook.
What have they done to her? Mr.
Monroe reached behind Lorraine and his hand moved low on her back, out of Luke’s view.
“This is my friend, Mr. Drake bell nude fakes.
Monroe,” Ratcliff said quietly.
“He is going to help me today, help me to test you, help me to see your potential, pet.
” Lorraine let out a gasp but didn’t move.

Luke wondered where Monroe’s hand was.
Grabbing her ass, he scribbled.
“Would you like that, my pet? Anna_xxx fee sex chat. Would you like to be our toy?” Lorraine took a sudden deep breath and Luke saw her legs tremble and her hips shift slightly.
He thought he saw something there, between her legs.
Her mouth opened, but no sound came out. Nude photos or gabrielle anwar.
Luke looked again, saw Mr.
Monroe lean down, saw fingers probing between Lorraine legs.
Playing with her pussy, he wrote, again missing the significance of the taunt, the tease, the questions.
“I didn’t hear you, pet,” Ratcliff said in a warning tone, and reached up to tug the chain. Busty lesbian webcam.

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