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I didn’t know if they had any and I expected I’d need it to relax.
“Smells like good home cooking,” I said when Susan, Ashley’s mom, let us in.
“Baked salmon.
I hope you like fish.
” I mostly don’t like fish, but this salmon was excellent. Tanned blonde milf.
It went reasonably well with the Chardonnay I’d brought.

Susan’s husband, Dominic, had opened a Pinot Noir.
I kept my mouth shut about only white wine with fish, didn’t everybody know that, and was glad I did. Updating paths is incompatible with switching branches forcing.
His wine went better with this salmon than mine.
The group did the dishes.
The adults topped off their wine and carried their glasses with them to the living room.
Ashley sat close to her dad on the loveseat, which faced the fireplace.

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On the sofa, at right angles to the loveseat and facing the TV on the distant wall, I sat closest to Dominic, while Susan sat at the other end.
Chad squirmed between us.
The TV was off and the gas fireplace was on. Sexy pussy porn big clip.
A single speaker produced bluegrass music.
Dominic held up an iPad and said, “If you’re up for it, I thought we might play some Truth or Dare/Double Dare, get to know each other better.

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