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” I moved over to the other chair and sat down, without covering myself and said, “Don’t worry about it, Jim.
No problem.
But if you’re being honest with me and yourself, you’ll have to admit that you have been staring at my cock in the shower, urinal and when we were lifting weights, soon after we got to Minneapolis. Gay men who beat off.
In fact, I have gotten the distinct impression that you have a lot of interest in my big cock and balls.
What do you have to say for yourself?” I knew that was make or break time to see if he had a real interest in my cock, and I had not committed myself one way or the other at that point, so the ball was in his court, so to speak. Wife cheating vegas.
He had his elbows on the table and he covered his face in his hands for a few seconds, no doubt trying to hide his embarrassment and to think of what to say.
He still had his face buried in his hands when he started talking saying, “I really sorry, Phil, but you have one of the biggest cocks and largest set of balls that I have ever seen, and I just couldn’t keep from looking.

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” I was curious about something and asked, “Well, just how many other cocks have you seen?” He then looked up at me and said, “I guess I’d better tell you everything.
As you’ve probably noticed in the shower, I’m not nearly as well-endowed as you are, and I’ve always had to suck Marci to orgasm after we fuck. Web cam voyeur.
Then, several years ago I picked up a porn magazine in the hotel where I was staying on one of our acquisition trips, and I started reading stories about husbands with small dicks who liked to watch men with big cocks fucking their wives.
” “From there I started going online to read stories about that cuckold stuff and to also look at the pictures, and I became obsessed with the thought of seeing Marci fucked by a really big cock, and then me sucking the cum from her pussy. Watching his wife fuck two.
When I started seeing your big, thick, uncut cock and low hanging balls in the shower at the club in New York, I realized that your cock lookes bigger than most of the pictures I was seeing in the magazines and online.
” “To make a long story short, I finally got the courage to make Marci aware of my obsession, and she was sympathetic enough with me to allow us to fantasize that she was fucking other men, and that I was cleaning her pussy of their cum.

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I eventually told her about how big your cock is, so you became the object of our fantasies.
Now, every time I see your cock, I can’t help being turned on just thinking about the fantasies that Marci and I share. Anhelikaw camgirls live.
” He was much more forthcoming than I thought he would be, so I decided to press him a little further to see if his fantasies included sucking cock.

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