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I come hard.
I come loud.
I come long.
My head rolls side to side as my hips writhe and roll under his face.
I look down and see his eyes looking back at me as he laps around my labia and back to my clit, extending my pleasure over and over.
” “You’re mine,” he says.
“I know.
” “Doggy.
” I comply, turning around and placing my knees against the arms of the chair and laying my tits down on the chairback.
“Is my ass too heavy now?” “Not even close.
” He thrusts into my pussy and I get a deliciously hard smack from his hips against my ass.

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I hear the noises of lovemaking from the next camper and smile for Dew Drop.
Karl starts to fuck me hard, much rougher than I’ve ever had and I like it.

My pussy wakes up and I reach down to play with my clit as he slams into me again and again. Nymphnielsen canada gial sex chat online com.
I have another small orgasm as Dew Drop comes and then Karl moans and splashes his cum into me.
He slows his strokes until he’s fully satisfied and then leans over and lays his weight on me, surrounding me with his long arms in a hug that makes me feel protected.
“I’m yours,” he says.
“I know.
” I accept that he won’t hold me, except by what he comes to mean to me. Evony hot arab chat web.

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