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The feel of Helen’s pneumatic buttocks in my hands and bouncing off my pelvis as I pounded into her combined with the sight of her lapping away at Lisa’s shaven pussy was pushing my arousal to its limits. Naughty cinderella masturbates in bed.
I could feel her body responding as she pushed back onto me with increasing force.
I slowed my movements again, delaying the fast approach of Helen’s orgasm and my own, hoping we could time it so all three of us were at the same point. Alex dream escort uk.
The change of pace was equally delicious as I savoured the feel of slowly withdrawing and re-entering Helen and seeing Lisa’s face below licking us both.
I looked at her face trying to judge how far gone she was, she stared deeply into my eyes; I could see her passion rising fast. Guy with mature woman.
I could tell hers was coming soon as well.
She moved a wet finger from my balls and placed it against my bum.
With the sensation of Helen tight around my cock and Lisa licking me on each withdrawal, it almost overcame me when she started to press her finger against my anus.

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She increased the pressure as my bum moved backward on each withdrawal.
Gradually it worked into me, as I virtually impaled myself on her digit with every backstroke from Helen’s tight pussy.
She soon had her whole finger squirming around inside me, stroking that sensitive gland. Wife sucks off other man.
The feelings were building intensely now.
I started to pump into Helen with increasing speed again.
She responded immediately with muffled groans as she buried her face deep into Lisa’s snatch.
I took Lisa’s idea and licked my thumb before resting it against Helen’s puckered anus. Free reality porn tubes.
Without lifting her face from Lisa’s grinding pussy she let me know that she approved by pushing back against my thumb.
I worked it into her as she bucked and writhed and I repeatedly buried my shaft inside her at a fast rate. Best adult webcam chat.
All the while I had the delightful sight of Lisa fingering her own erect nipples with one hand, grinding her hips upward as she pressed her pussy hard into Helen’s face.

All the while she kept her finger firmly inside me. Ridge maryland adult chat.
The sight of both of these nubile females moving with increasingly frantic movements and the sound of them both moaning and grunting quickly had me approaching the same point as them.
As Lisa started to orgasm, her stomach convulsing and her hips urgently lifting off the sofa, I felt Helen forcing herself hard back onto me as I felt her pussy rhythmically clamping tight around my cock. New years foursome.
As they both pulsated with their own orgasms and made guttural noises lost in their own ecstasy I felt my own hit me like a wave, my cock twitched and throbbed like it had come alive, as pulse after pulse shot deep inside Helen’s beautiful snatch. Pics of amature party girls.

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