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Master and pet lingered on the edge of an emotional precipice for a full ten minutes; they rocked forward and back, locked together as one, letting the burning sexual energy within them build like a great tsunami. Nudist summer camps.
Frelic’s deep hard thrusts pounded inside Shaasta, and his hips pressed hard against her rear, which counterthrusted and ground against his loins.
The slap of his hands on her burning flanks beat a steady cadence for their feral, bestial dance, pushing them ever closer to the edge. Frree adult chat.
Finally, neither Elf could hold back any longer.
Frelic took a firm, two-handed grip on his sister’s butt and reared back like a wild pony stallion.
At the same moment, Shaasta’s fiery-maned head lifted up and back, her emerald green eyes half closed. Fingering torture.

Her back gracefully arched; her slick, hot nether folds clenched tight around her Master’s cock; and as one, they slipped over the edge into a vast, lust-filled void.
Falling into a deep, warm sea of passionate bliss, Shaasta writhed and moaned in pure unadulterated ecstasy, while Frelic’s seed flowed hot from his hard, pulsing rod inside her most intimate channel. Can you jack off to hard.
Frelic growled like a great cat, his nails digging into Shaasta’s rump; his shaft pounded again and again inside his sister’s tight, slick sex, pumping his hot, sweet Elven juices into her depths.
Another ten minutes and they were spent. Extended gangbang videos.
With a euphoric sigh, they collapsed together on the bed, rolling onto their sides to cuddle as Master and pet, as loving twin brother and sister, just as they had done many times those twelve years ago at the tender age of eleven summers, Frelic’s cock still hard and nested deep inside her, and Shaasta’s bottom and back firmly pressed against him.

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Frelic’s gentle hands caressed and petted Shaasta’s breasts, firm stomach, and hips before slipping down to knead her soft thighs, first the fronts, and then the inner surfaces, which caused her to tremble with another little wave of pleasure.
“Ah, Shaasta, dear sister,” Frelic purred, “I am truly the most fortunate Elf on all of Niath.
” Shaasta giggled and squirmed playfully against her brother, “Oh, Master, you embarrass this humble little pet with your flattery and sweet words.
” “Well, it is true, my little tender hawk. Erotica for straight women threesome mmf.
I am indeed most fortunate that during the weeks you were in the Southern Rose, no one realized just how valuable you are.

And even then, ten platinums is only the smallest fraction of what my lovely sister is worth.
” Shaasta looked up at her brother, a soft crimson glow in her cheeks and an impish gleam in her emerald-green eyes, “I too feel most fortunate, Master, fortunate that I can serve and service such a wonderful, loving, and protective owner. Asian girl chat lines in missouri.
But you do realize that neither of us will feel so fortunate the next time we visit Kalthani.
” She placed a hand on one of his as he continued to pet and caress her inner thighs, “You know that mother will turn both of us over her knee and roast our bottoms many times worse than the spanking you gave me.
” Frelic gave her a sheepish smirk and he shrugged, “Yes, we will most likely spend our next visit home on our feet, but what a small sacrifice to pay for what we now have, dear pet.
” He nuzzled his face against hers, and purring like a kitten, playfully planted a series of rapid-fire loving nips along her neck and slender shoulders. Milf buns video galleries.

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