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IN MY BED! As soon as I kicked his sorry ass out, I called my best friend Jamal.
He was at work and promised he would come over as soon as he got off.
Tired and pissed off, I got in the shower.
I let the hot water hit my body as I tried to cry away the pain. Free hidden cam glory hole.
After fifteen minutes of crying, thinking and washing; I got out of the shower.

As I stepped out, I looked in the mirror to admire my honey brown skin, hazel eyes and long brown hair.
I wore a size 32 D bra, had a thin waist and a round ass. Melisz-rivald free wabcamsex chat.
I thought to myself, “Fuck him, I deserve better.
” As I began to dry off my body, I heard the bell ring.
Jamal was finally here.
Jamal was 5’11’’ with a sexy body and smile.
(Mmm, I get wet just thinking of him) We’d been best friends (nothing more) since 5th grade, now we were 22.

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I couldn’t wait to pour my heart out to him.
As I ran out the bathroom, my nipples immediately stood up in the cold air.
I threw on an undershirt and some shorts and ran downstairs.
As soon as I opened the door, Jamal threw his arms around me and I cried in his embrace. 100 xxx dating baton rouge.

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