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Her eyes rolled back.
Her body arched.
A new even bigger wave was coming.
Oh god it was so fucking big: a tsunami of bliss.
When the animal-like cry came it shook the windowpane it was so loud.
Her nails ripped into Will’s chest leaving red tracks and drawing blood. Breast cancer surgery side effects.
The crazed wife would later find Will’s skin cells under her nails.
Will also was overcome by Carol’s lust.
His balls contracted and he shot a lava shot of cum for the second time.
His strong tree-trunk thick thighs lifted his petite lover right off the bed. Skype sex chat users.
He drove his huge long thick cock deep into her tight pussy.
“Arrggh Carol….
oh fuck baby! OH FUCK BABY!” Will’s body was rocked as his torso shook.
The athlete drained his tightly constricted balls into his older sexy lover. Lovelypussyxx webcam chat rooms sexcam2cam.
Sated by her own huge release Carol collapsed onto her young toy-boy’s sweat covered chest.
Her head flopped down and she felt his chest heaving as he sucked for oxygen.

Carol felt his big paw stroke her hair gently. Stunningtscum chates de stars du porno.
The young lover kissed her lips tenderly.
She sighed with contentment.
God how long had it been? Her brain was dazed.
What a huge orgasm.
Carol’s old marriage was officially over.
Carol was a hot wife now.
She smiled. Mature amateur bbw redhead.
Maybe she could be happy now? No she decided—she would be happy.
Yes she would.
On the balcony the scene of his wife straddling the young athlete and riding his massive hard shaft up and down has made Paul’s body weak. Naked daved becom.
Seeing his high school sweetheart frantically thrusting against Will’s huge cock had been too much for Paul.
He had whimpered weakly and then lost control.
Carol’s husband’s almost five-inch cock emptied itself in tiny spurts into his cotton sweat pants. Ebony assjob cum.
He blushed in shame.
What does the future hold for these two? Only time will tell.
Carol feels Will’s huge cock shrivel inside her.
She feels his huge load of cum dribble down the crack of her yoga-trim ass.

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An image of Will’s tennis friend Steve pops into her mischievous head.
She grins and murmurs softly as a smile covers her soft feminine features.
She thinks of gorgeous Tina.
Life offers so many possibilities she thinks to her self. Dude20cm women pakistan porn.
Yes men were like a buffet the now sated wife decides, her pussy sore from the pounding it has taken.
It is fun to have a husband who watches.
Maybe next time she can bring him inside the room? Yes that might heighten the thrill? Free milf chat cams. But still a woman should sample many dishes from the buffet of life she decides.
Then Paul’s wife thinks of Tina.
So beautiful and so sweet; why limit your self to male chocolates? Carol’s brain is drifting. Thailand singles dating.
New ideas are percolating in her brain.

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