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He was endearing me to him more and more as I got to know him better, the more I liked him.
He showed a genuine interest in me, getting me to tell him details about my own high school and college experiences. Cute blonde in sioux city naughty single camry.
I told him of experiences that I had not even shared with his father.
At one point I thought, ‘Don has never shown as much interest in getting to know me as much as his son is right now.
‘ I remember becoming a bit annoyed at his father for not showing the same level of interest in me that Matt was at this moment. Girlfriend gets gangbanged.
I cannot deny it, I was becoming attracted to this young man.
Matt startled me by moving his chair closer to me and saying, “Cindy, I think the doctor told you to keep your leg elevated whenever possible.
” And with that, Matt gently took my leg raised it up and placed my foot on his lap.

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In doing so, my robe fell open and the gusset of my panties was now in plain view.
I was shocked and I really did not know how to respond.
I certainly did not want to overreact; however, I felt uncomfortable sitting their with my leg and foot in this seventeen year old’s lap, allowing him to look directly at my panties. Jennna jameson interracial.
Not knowing what to say or do, I did nothing.
I tried to simply pretend nothing had changed.
“Cindy, does it hurt?” Matt asked.
“It’s sore, but if I do not move it, I am not in excruciating pain.
The pain meds help considerably,” I responded honestly. Hardcore pornstars feet.
Matt placed his hand on my swollen knee and began to massage the tender tissue.
“Oh Matt, you don’t need to do that,” I said with a slightly detectable quiver in my voice.
“I enjoy doing it.

Am I hurting you?” “No, it feels quite nice, actually.
” Although quite innocent, it just felt wrong to allow my boyfriend’s son to touch me this way. Milashka76 webcam teen chats.
But I really did not know how to stop him without appearing to chastise him; which was something I really did not want to do.
Matt’s touch became firmer, kneading the thigh and the tissue around my knee. Nude voyeur cams.
He seemed to instinctively know how to massage me for the greatest effect.
“Oh you really do have a wonderful touch,” I cooed.
“That feels really nice.
” Matt gently massaged my knee for 10 or 15 minutes, as we continued to chat. Privat dating info.
I was well aware that with my leg in Matt’s lap, my robe had fallen open, and I began to enjoy the fact that this high school senior had an unobstructed view of my upper thighs and the gusset of my pale green panties.

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It was awkward, naughty but enjoyable to ‘innocently’ expose myself to this handsome teenager like this.
I say ‘innocently’ because after all, I did not initiate this or even encourage it, did I? “The doctor told you to apply heat today, correct?” Matt asked.
“Yes, but I don’t have a heating pad.
” “Why don’t we go into the sauna and I’ll continue my massage with the help of some dry heat?” On the surface, his suggestion appeared to be completely innocent with the added benefit of a medical justification. Free gallery threesome.
But I knew we were playing with fire.
This was a very attractive and charming seventeen year old male, who was becoming more and more familiar with my inner thigh by the minute.
“You don’t have to do that. Rachel mcadams and ryan gosling dating.

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