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Unexpectedly, I felt my own orgasm suddenly approaching, “Oh fuck, baby, I’m going to go off again.
oh fuck.
I’m cumming.
” I truly was surprised that I climaxed again, and so quickly.
My moans, coupled with Jim’s memory of me being fucked so well and so thoroughly by Chris and Jill earlier today while he watched, was simply too much for Jim. Hot teen tiny pussy.
He simply could not hold back.
Jim stiffened, and groaned as he came with me.
I could feel him pulse repeatedly inside me; letting me know that he was adding his sperm to the cocktail of Chris’s semen already swimming inside me from this afternoon.

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Jim collapsed on me, his penis still pulsing in my vagina.
I contracted me vagina to squeeze and hug him, encouraging my husband to drain every last drop of his semen into my womb which was already brimming with sperm. Free kinky amateur porn movies.
I was also pleased and flattered that Jim’s excitement got the best of him.
We cuddled without decoupling for several minutes, before separating and drifting off to sleep.
For the next three weeks, I pried and pleaded with Jim to reveal to me what I already knew, that his brother, Chris and our sister-in-law, Jill were my anonymous lovers.

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I spent a good deal of time concocting a plan to effectively use this information.
“So when are you going to invite our secret lovers back for another session?” I asked out of the blue.
Jim smiled broadly and said, “You really are hooked on this blindfold scenario, aren’t you?” “I admit it, I can’t seem to stop thinking about what the woman did to me. Small skinny young flat chested nubile teen slut.
Since you won’t tell me who they are, I have formed this elaborate fantasy about what they look like.
” “Interesting, so in your fantasy, what do they look like?

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