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I sighed, but I did not resist, I didn’t say anything.
I just closed my eyes and anticipated the moment Iwould feel him take me into his warm wet mouth.
I didn’t have to wait long either.
The sensation was just as he described in the car. Jessa rhodes ryan ryans.
with my eyes closed, it really felt no different than if a woman were doing it.

But in my mind I knew it was a man, it was Matt, and he knew exactly how to suck me in a way that I could not hope to last long. Over the shoulder bondage carry.
The saliva mixed with semen made for a very lubricated experience, his tongue tickling me in the spot that sent pulsing sexual pleasure coursing through my cock and by extension, my entire body.
The deliciousness of it, the pain of trying to resist, but it was impossible. -youruniverse pinay sex video online.

No matter how hard I tried, I could not forestall the inevitable.
My knees began to buckle as the moment arrived, the wave of orgasm overtook me and I flailed, grasping to balance myself against the wall. Japanese webcam chatrandom.
OH GOD, MATT!” I gasped.
The pulsing continued for several moments as I could feel him drain me of my seed, sucking and pulling with such tender ferocity.

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