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A month later she sent him, instead of a card, an email.
“Happy Father’s Day daddy!!!” the email began.
“Thank you again,” and she added a smiley face to that part.
“I mean this too.
Thank you for coming down last month. Chat with women without email.
I had a really nice time with you.
I still remember it all.
I still “feel” it way down in the very bottom of my heart when you came down to help me out.
And knowing your birthday’s coming up in a few days I’ve also got something really special for you…so look for it, okay? Getting fucked in shively kentucky. I love you…Kathi.
” She had borrowed a camera and tripod from a friend she knew well enough and took it back to her apartment.
Sitting down on her bed, after setting it all up, she had on some beater slacks and a pullover. Big titty neighbor loves dick.

She’d turned on the music she always loved when she did something like this when she was all alone.
Seeing as it was for her daddy and it was his birthday too, it had to be extra special.
The music would do it for her. South africa nude pussy.
Kathi sat on her bed with her eyes closed as she listened to her favorite music.
Propped up against the back of it, she looked into the lens, and simply smiled.
“Daddy, have fun watching this.
This is for your eyes only. Neo_denin chat devuchki.
” She smiled and blew him a kiss, using one of her hands to blow a kiss to him.
Then she closed her eyes again.
She’d edit it all later on if she had to.
She listened some more.
Before you knew it a hand, hers, reached up, and she began to stroke herself on her boob. Universal gay signals.
It continued.
Her eyes remained closed as she rubbed it.
You could hear that music playing, softly, in the background as you watched her rub her boob.

All of a sudden, the other hand reached down, and she petted her crotch just around her pussy. Montclair nj speed dating.
Still, all her clothes were intact.
Her face appeared “pensive” as she rubbed on the boob and around it too.
All of a sudden, after a few moments, Kathi decided to take off the top.
She looked at the camera, without smiling, and removed her pullover off. Red brookings south dakota sluts sex.
There it was.
She wore this adorably attractive satiny bra.
Cleavage was plentiful.
So were her tits.
Yeah, okay, so her tummy was soft and to a degree it wouldn’t matter to her daddy.
She was pretty enough. Asa akira big black dick.
She had these soft noticeable curves.
She had this nubile appearance about herself.
He’d have an erection before too long, right? Trying to relax, she laid back, and put her hands on her bra and tits again.

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With her eyes still closed and her head and back propped up on her pillows, Kathi kept on feeling both her tummy and tits while the camera continued to capture it all.
You could see her breathing as it all occurred. Conyalison chaturbate free video.
She was breathing more deeply and even though she was not smiling she was enjoying what she’d started to do for him.
As one hand rested on her bra the other reached down, again, and felt inside of both her thighs even though the beater pants were still on her lovely young body. Irmasecrett1 bangladeshi girls sex chat 2019.
The breathing appeared to get deeper.
The hands appeared to move faster.
The desire grew within her.
Kathi needed and wanted this to happen for sure.
She moved both hand to her tummy, rubbing that soft flesh freely, and as she did the hands finally, yes finally, moved to the button to undo her pants so she could get them off her as soon as possible. Wet cumming asshole.

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