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As she stooped to place a book on the shelf, her skin prickled, and a moment later a rough hand closed around the back of her neck.
Her gasp was cut off as the hand moved to cover her mouth.
“Get up, but don’t turn around. Single chatt dating italian.
” Rebecca rose slowly, feeling the heat of the man behind her as he straightened up, too.
She stood still, her heart pounding, waiting.
“You know we’re the only ones in here, so don’t fuss.
” Rebecca’s wrists were held in a strong grip as she was steered toward the wall until her breasts were pressed against it. Girls wanting sex cmeliny.
She felt the man’s weight on her back, his thigh coming between her legs from behind.
In an instant, he’d pulled the scarf from her neck and used it to blindfold her.
“Good girl.
” With Rebecca’s wrists gripped tightly in one of his, the man led her into the stacks, turning her to face a long row of books. Pda dating definition.
She breathed heavily as she felt his large hands exploring her hips, her ass, her thighs.

She gasped as he drew one hand up her inner thigh, not stopping until he reached where she was hot and wet.
He chuckled darkly. Erotic stories female masturbation fisting photos.
“Well, well.
you are a little slut, aren’t you?” Dipping two fingers into her bare pussy, he brought them to her mouth.
“No panties, and now you’ve made a mess all over my hand.
Clean it up.
” He thrust his fingers between her lips. Lowman id swap wife.
Rebecca tasted herself, tangy and sweet.
“Do you always show up to work sans panties?” “N-no.
” “And I bet if I check—” He slid his hands up her torso, coming around to cup her breasts.
“Of course.
No bra, either. Desisexviedo.
I take it back.
You’re not a good girl at all, are you?” When Rebecca remained quiet, he gave her nipples a sharp pinch, making her moan.
“Are you?” “No!” “Well, good.
I happen to like bad girls.
” He paused. Mature anal interracial 50 60 tube.
“But bad girls need to be punished.
” A small whimper escaped Rebecca’s lips.
He reached out and swept his hand along the shelf that was level with her waist, knocking the books on it to the floor.

“Lean over and brace your hands on the shelf. Exfoliating facial skin.
Spread your legs.
” Rebecca complied, resting trembling hands on the scarred shelf.
She groaned as she felt her skirt being raised, until it was bunched up above her waist.
Her pale bottom was on display, the black straps of her garter stretched tight across the smooth skin. Free xxx rhode island hookup site.
“Very nice.
You are the archetypal naughty librarian, aren’t you?” This time, she nodded quickly.
“Good, good.
But not good enough to get you out of a spanking.
” And with that, he brought his palm down hard on her left buttock, making her clench and moan. Hotel las swinger vegas.
“Ah, ah.
don’t do that again.
” Again, his hand came down.

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