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I guess I’m lucky that way, but, when we start, she paused again, looking for the right word, when we start, I mean, when you’re inside me, if I look like you’re hurting me, it won’t be pain I’m feeling, I can assure you. 18 year old new mom.
She swallowed again, and said, I thought I’d better tell you that.
Then, she put her hand behind my head, pulled my face to hers, and kissed me again, and then with her lips still touching mine, she whispered, Now, I think you should take off your jeans. Wife giving deepthroat.
I want to touch you down there for a bit, before you get inside me.
Can I do that? It had never occurred to me that girls like to touch guys’ cocks as much as we like to touch their pussies, but I moved around under the sleeping bag, and took my jeans and underpants off. Porn star tiger lilly.

I looked at Ashley, wondering if I should say anything, but she merely raised her left eyebrow, and gently touched my hard cock with her left hand, under the sleeping bag.
I could feel her pussy getting even wetter as she gently stroked and touched my cock, and her juices began to ooze onto my hand. Close up woman orgasm.
You’re hard, she whispered, and we’re going to make good use of that in a moment, but I just want to touch it for bit.
She ran her fingers along the length of my tool, and whispered, That’s very hard, as she gently rubbed her thumb across the sensitive head, making me flinch slightly. Female orgasm music.
She looked at me and smiled, but did not say anything, then kissed me, long, deep, and sexy, as she stroked my tool gently, and I did the same to her pussy and clit.
The excitement was incredible, as we lay there, fondling each other like that, kissing and touching each other, but then Ashley whispered, Rick, I think I’d like you inside me now.

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Are you ready for that? I nodded, but I could barely speak, so I didn’t say anything.
I moved over, getting between Ashley’s legs, and I very gently parted her pussy lips with my hand, but when I tried to enter, I seemed to fumble. Co e porn.
Don’t worry, you’re new at this, Ashley whispered, as he used her left hand to guide my rigid cock into her wet pussy.
I slid in about half way, and the feeling was so amazing I heard myself gasp a little, and then after a couple of strokes, I was all the way inside her. Free ametuer chubby.
The sexiest girl I knew was in bed with me, and my cock was inside her pussy! It was unbelievable.
You fill me up, Ashley said, quietly, and you’re doing very nicely for a beginner, she added, as I began a slow but deep fucking motion inside her.

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She pulled my face closer to hers and kissed me on the mouth again, and I took the weight on my elbows, as we started to make love.
I still hadn’t spoken since I had entered her, and she reached up, put her arms around me, and said, Do you like that? Real dildo game. It’s great, fantastic, I answered, but I had trouble keeping my voice even.
It gets better, Ashley said, looking up at me, and smiling.
We kept that motion going for another few moments, and she said, Rick, you might come pretty quick, but try to hold on if you can, just a little. Big soft mature natrul boobs.
I’m on the pill so it’s okay to come inside me, but just see if you can hold on a little She was already starting to sound a little breathless herself.

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