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My mouth seemed to open of its own accord, and moments later I was getting cock stuffed into me from both ends.
It was difficult to do a good job sucking cock while getting slammed from behind by a monster cock but I did my best. Black stallion pounding busty whte chick.
He was much smaller than Jez, about average I guess, so I had no trouble taking his cock in to my mouth and sucking him deep.
While I was actively sucking his cock and getting fucked by Jez, I suddenly realised that I had no idea whose cock I was sucking. Nice dating gestures.
The thought made me feel extremely slutty but also very aroused.
A short time later, Jez buried his cock deep in my pussy and held it there, as I felt him unload his balls of their hot, wet load into my insides. Naked teens sexy feet.
I didn’t even pause in my attentions to the cock in my mouth.
Not being rocked by Jez’s thrusts, allowed me to do a better job.
I started sucking the cock in my mouth in earnest.
I even started swallowing his cock and `deep throating’ him.

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I felt Jez pull out of me and couldn’t help giving a little moan of regret as I felt my pussy vacated.
I still had my ass high up in the air as Jez squeezed past me and got out of the van.
My head was bobbing up and down on the guy I was sucking and he still had a handful of my hair, as he pulled my head up and down on his cock. Magiklara cam4 chet.
I knew I was being watched by all the other guys who were still standing around just outside the van but I didn’t care.
I was in my own little world and thoroughly enjoying myself.
I don’t even remember anyone squeezing past us but suddenly I felt someone behind me, grabbing hold of my hips. Unmonitored sex cam to cam.
A few seconds later I felt a cock sliding between my throbbing pussy lips and into my very wet cunt.
It suddenly struck me that this wasn’t just putting on a show.
It wasn’t even a threesome anymore.
I was getting gangbanged! Sex chati ave augusta. It never even occurred to me to try and stop it.

I didn’t want to! I was fully into the whole thing.
Yes, I was drunk, but I was fully conscious.
I knew what was happening and I was loving it.
I had no idea who either of the guys that were currently inside me were. Bunny teen creampie.
I didn’t know their names.
I hadn’t even seen their faces.
I had already fucked Paul and Jez, now I was sucking cock and getting fucked by two total strangers.
I also knew that there were more guys standing outside the van who might be waiting for a turn. Whynothot cuckold odnoi.
I didn’t know how many and I didn’t care.
I was lost in the moment and just went with it.
The rest of the night was really just a blur.
The guy I was sucking came in my mouth.
I swallowed his load and quickly found another cock shoved in to my face. Upskirt voyeur park photos.


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