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“G-good,” Scott stumbled over the word, his eyes rolling back in his head as she squeezed him again.
Removing her hand from his pants Erica pushed Scott until his back was against the pantry door then looked up at him from beneath her eyelashes and put on her best serious face. Free amateur shemale porn video.

“I need a closer look.
” Before she had even dropped to her knees Scott’s breathing had become deeper.
Erica had to fight to stop a smirk from showing on her face; she loved having the ability to turn him into a throbbing, panting mess in the space of a few seconds! Jar up the ass. Scott moved to pull down his track pants but Erica smacked his hand away, looking up at him and wagging her finger in a no you don’t motion.

He gave her an apologetic look and put his hands behind his back. Animated film fist.
“That’s better.
” His breath audibly hitched as she put her fingers inside the waistband of his pants and boxers and made a point of pulling them down incredibly slowly.
Erica wanted to prolong their little role-playing scenario, but knew time was of the essence, she didn’t want all his hard work with dinner to go to waste! Amateur latina sex thumbnails.

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