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They wrapped their arms around one another, but didn’t kiss for over a moment.
“Wow, now this is a priceless father/daughter moment,” I pointed out before a small gap.
“How good does it feel now that you’ve had sex with your flesh and blood daughter?” “Shocking, to say the least,” he answered before he let go of her, but kept his palms on her upper back.
“Was your mom right about your mouth, Rose?” “Are you asking for a blow job, Daddy?” “Yes, I guess.
” “Can you just control yourself to not cum in my mouth?” “Anything for you, Rose.
” She pecked his cheek, lowered herself onto her stomach and went right to his cock.

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She wasted no time taking it into her mouth.
“Fuck me, Rose, you may eat your mom’s pussy all you want.
Fuck her with a strap-on, or just lick her nipples if you want to, I don’t mind at all.
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I can’t get over how good you are, and you haven’t even started thrusting your lips, but they do feel awesome on my cock,” he moaned, covering his face with both hands.
I got down with her and smooched her cheek.
“Suck your father’s cock and make him love you so much that he just allows you to start sleeping with us every night.
” She ever so slowly let his member out.
“Okay, Mommy,” he whispered before kissing me.
“And let him shoot on your face this time, Rose.

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I know it is different from your stomach, boobs, and legs, but let him do it once.
Let’s go all or nothing here.
” “Okay, Mom, I love you.
” “I love you too.
” She smiled and turned back to his wood.