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And this set the tone for the whole day – bright and full of laughter.
We walked and lounged in the snow, played snowballs and fooled around and ran after each other to the point of fooling, just like children.
It seemed to me, and everyone, that life was just beginning.

It got dark early, the windows became dark blue, and then black.
After a light dinner, they started drinking grog by the fireplace.
Again this fireplace! If the room is dark, its incorrect reflections on their faces make them mysterious.
While Ghali’s face is motionless, the reflections of the flame change his expression every second, and I do not recognize my wife.
What is she thinking about? What is Nadya thinking about? There was silence.
Then they started talking about games, they began to remember all sorts of fun in their childhood.

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I think this time our women agreed on something else in the afternoon, because when it came to hiding, Nadya offered quite unique hiding things, and Galya immediately supported her without hesitation.
It was about to put Vitya and me on the chairs with our hands tied behind our backs and blindfolded.
They, women, will allow us to touch with our lips some parts of the body that are not known to us in advance, and from them we must determine who is who.
What is the reward for guessing? – I asked.
In response, there was only a cheerful laugh.
Choked up with anticipation.
They did not doubt for a moment that we would agree.
It was suggested that we undress in the shower and, wrapped in a bath towel, sit on a chair in the middle of the living room.
After that, another small towel eyes were blindfolded.

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For a while, I only heard erratic rustling and footsteps.
A chair creaked under Vitya, probably moved impatiently.
The door slammed in the shower, and the smell of deodorant was pretty strong.
Finally something warm approached my face.
The smell has become stronger.
Leaning down, I brushed the skin of someone’s lips.
It seems it was a back.
Once again the chair creaked.
Galin voice asked me if I recognized anyone? No, it’s too early.
Again touch, all the same smell.
Now it seems hip.
Vitya also cannot say who is near him.
The damn smell, of course, is on purpose, so that your smell, the familiar one, does not suggest.
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