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Free online private sexting. Do not, when she is near! And when the Sun rose in the chamber again and the air was filled with the fragrance of my Beloved, I started a conversation about it: I thought a lot about what had happened.
And something came to me.
The situation gave rise to the riddle: the Black Queen.
In my opinion, I solved it.

There is only one option, only one person, corresponding to this title.
I firmly believe that the Black Queen is my beloved Mrs., you and only you! I expected a protest, I expected an embarrassment, but I received a calm irony.
You know, she herself was going to tell you everything over time, but since the case turned up, I won’t fool your head, although you are not well-versed in the domestic Femdom and you could hold your nose for a while.
But I do not need it, and it is not decent.
Well clever, once guessed! I will not deny.
Black Queen in front of you! Be silent and pale, miserable smerd! She laughed, then spoke seriously.
I will surely tell you as a girl who has not yet turned twenty, due to circumstances, could roll downhill and become a whore, a dear, bright, beautiful, but still paid call girl serving someone’s lustful whims. Free online private sexting.

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