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look Having said this, Marat brought his lips close to Artyom’s lips, and Artyom at the same moment felt how open mouth of Marat covered his mouth hotly and wetly: Marat skillfully – gently and at the same time confidently, even imperiously – absorbed Artem’s lips in his mouth, clasped their hot ring of his lips, and Artyom, who did not expect this, involuntarily complied, moved his lips forward, at the same time involuntarily opening his mouth in the mouth of Marat.
he really did it involuntarily, on a whim, because on the lips, he, Artyom, although he was kissing – with the girls, but all this was somehow frivolous.
and then: he kissed him, not him, and the kissing was not as powerful as it is now, Artyom opened his mouth, but this movement, made on a whim, was enough for Marat’s tongue to slip into Artyom in the same instant.
and at the same moment Artyom seemed to run an electric discharge all over his body, immediately increasing the sensation of high in the crotch; and in the tense, bulging from the buzz member, and convulsively compressed muscles of the anus.

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Holding Artyom’s head with his palms – not giving Artyom any opportunity to somehow wriggle

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out, Marat passionately sucked Artyom on the lips, and.
not having any opportunity to interrupt it, not having the slightest desire to interrupt, Artyom unconsciously moved his hands up – he grabbed Marat across his back, and it turned out that he, unwillingly, embraced Marat.
The room, barely illuminated by a miniature desk lamp, was immersed in a soft, cozy twilight, and the two guys lying on the bed completely fit into this intimacy, so if someone could look at the room at that moment probably didn’t believe that only half an hour ago, one of the guys, struggling and twitching, was saying “I’m not a fagot”, “I don’t want”, “let me”, and the other, sophisticated and experienced, didn’t strongly suggest make hasty conclusions – it was a normal, unremarkable room normal student dormitory and the boys, voluptuously sucking the lips, too, were the most ordinary guys – were students.
Finally, tearing himself away from Artyom’s lips, Marat raised his head – he rested his oily, brilliant pupils of his eyes on Artem’s pupils, darkened from a buzz.
– What, Artyomchik.
stumbled? – Marat burned Artem’s face with hot breath and immediately, without waiting for an answer, confidently answered for Artyom himself: – Tugged.
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