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From that day the glaciation of his soul began, and before meeting with Andrey there, inside, he already had nothing but permafrost.
The guy has become just a machine that gets everything he wants and who he wants.
This was the true face of Pavel-Pavlik! However, there was some inconsistency in the looks of this young man.

Don’t you think that for such a complete cynic and bastards as he was, the guy somehow behaved very strangely from the day he met Andrei? It seems to me that this is the case.
Too much Paul thought with some kind of long-awaited expectation that Andrei was the same one! The behavior of the guy was not a game, and his emotions were real for the first time in a long time, not fake! And, in fact, what is so special happened? Pavel was really no stranger to such a turn of affairs, but what he felt now was just a hurricane that tore him apart, and he dreamed at least one more time to experience what he had already experienced!

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He was tormented by anger due to the fact that this man may turn out to be a repetition of the same mistake, the lessons of which, as it seemed to him, had long been learned by him, and the exams passed to “excellent.”
A week after that meeting, Pavel signed a letter of resignation with his boss, explaining to her for a long time that he would no longer work here because he had found a new job.
A statement appeared on Andrew’s desk, and when he saw him, dialed his secretary’s number: “Anastasia, invite Paul to me – now!” – The man tried to utter this phrase as calmly as possible, but at the last word broke.
Andrew – get rid of or love? What happened yesterday? How could I let this happen? This is just a mistake! How do I look into my wife’s eyes now?

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No, something is definitely wrong with me, because I didn’t even think about that! With a guy, and yes even my subordinates! But his body, his voice, his touch, his lips.
and how hot it was there inside! No, I have to stop, forget it, it’s just a misunderstanding, but how to make it happen again, how ?! Everything, I just need to fire him, and that’s that.
The further away Paul is from me, the easier my life will be! Yes, on Monday, I’ll do it.
Yes, Andrei convinced himself of this, and it seemed to him that here he was, the light at the end of the tunnel, but what kind of deceiver are you, do you think that it will be easier for you?
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