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But, as far as Oliver knew, very little could be a hindrance to a higher vampire.
“Cassie,” Oliver tried to speak as neutral as possible. “Hi.”
You look great.

The girl smiled wryly, as only vampires can do, and closed her eyes with sunglasses.
– Detective Cassandra Klein.
– she deliberately corrected it in an official tone – I will ask you again without any familiarities.
Oliver mentally bit his tongue, although it was too late.
It was probably worth talking in a slightly more affable tone and showing that he was really glad to see her.
Meanwhile, the vampire gestures sent the annoying officer away, demonstrating that she herself would cope with Oliver.
The policeman, throwing an unfriendly glance at Mercy, obediently straightened the translucent wings and flew off to the side, remaining, nevertheless, within reach, in case his boss changed her mind and still ordered him to arrest the man.

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Fucking sprites with their eternal paranoia.
Oliver looked again at Cassandra.
– Um.
– he began uncertainly – I’m really glad to see you.
Have you been assigned to lead this case? – Well, why would I still be here? – She mockingly said, blowing the disobedient strand of hair to the side.
Although, as it seemed to Oliver, her voice warmed by a few degrees – I am also glad to see you.
Especially whole and almost unscathed.
She stood on tiptoe and kissed Oliver on the cheek.
– Okay.
– Cassie again spoke in a businesslike tone, turned to the remains of the building and went to them, beckoning Oliver with her hand.
He listened, looking back at the suspicious officer.
The sprite was still standing at a distance, giving the man a glance of hatred, which was still being mixed in with.

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jealousy? Funny.
Oliver grinned and rushed after Cassandra, trying to listen to her speech.
I must say that it turned out badly – his gaze continually strove to descend a little lower than the back of the girl, and memories that were completely inappropriate now surfaced in my head.
Taking into account the fact that simple jeans and a shirt (of course, traditional black colors for vampires), fitted the body of the girl pretty tightly and demonstrated all the features of her figure, it was difficult to concentrate on the conversation.
– To investigate the wreckage we are not allowed.
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