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He had only one way out – to go fishing from the shore, but for this it was necessary to move pretty well away from the base, because in this place the shore was very much overgrown with reeds.
At this point, for the first time I was able to examine the boy more closely.
A sporty figure, a pretty face, with a gentle blush on his cheeks, which the razor most likely still didn’t touch, short blond hair, it even seemed to me that he was now bursting into tears at himself and the whole world.

“I’m afraid to seem obsessive, but I can offer you a place in the boat, if you want, you can land on one island, if you don’t, I will drop you on the way on any island, but on the way back, I will take you away,” these words escaped me almost involuntarily.
“To be honest, I didn’t even expect such an offer,” said Cyril, thinking for a second, “let me pay part of the cost of the boat so as not to feel debtor, and if I can, I would like to go fishing with you, since know these places.
Half an hour later, we, having loaded our things, were already walking at full throttle to the island, which I had long since chosen by me.
Having landed on the island, we first of all set up a camp: set up tents, made a small fire.
I went to put the donkey, my new friend promised to make coffee.
When I returned the boy was squatting by the fire, stirring some flavored coffee in the Turk.
He stripped down to his panties, and looked even prettier than his clothes.
To be honest, I even slowly started moving my boyfriend in his pants.
I admit, I have had relations with boys before the army, with young men in the army, and I did not consider such relations to be something unacceptable.
The main thing in such a relationship – they should like both partners.
– Come for an acquaintance and for a good fishing, – I took out a flask of brandy, and splashed a little bit in coffee.
“I think there will be no bite until the evening, I will sunbathe, bathe, if you fish, go behind the stones, you can throw a spinning and try the bait,” Cyril and I drank coffee, I undressed and went into the water.

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I enjoyed relaxing on this island, as I was used to, and I was not going to change my habits.
Then I lay in the sun, putting my back and chest.
After some time, Cyril approached, he stood by the water, carefully, as if thinking, pulled off his panties, threw them on the bushes, and began to walk slowly in the water.
He seemed to show me his beautiful body, long slender legs, tight, taut ass, teenage lean shoulders.
I felt warm waves rising in the lower abdomen.
My dick began to pour blood, the foreskin slowly began to bare prick.
When Cyril came out of the water, he stood up, putting his back to the sun, raised his hands, clasping them behind his head, his bath after swimming all shrunk in a frame of light-colored, almost invisible in the sun hair.
– Can I pour myself cognac? – the voice of the young man slightly trembled.
– Of course you can, and I pour too, – I watched as Cyril sat down to take the flask, his ass tightened, the buns parted, oh, what a desirable ass.
I didn’t want to, and I couldn’t hide my excitement.
My penis was already standing in full force, I gently stroked his hand.
Kirill didn’t seem to notice my excitement, he handed me a glass, we clinked glasses, Kirill took the brandy slowly, with his back to me.
I drank cognac, walked over to the young man, put my hands on his hips, pressed his agitated member to his ass, began to stroke his tummy with his hands, without disregarding his cock that began to rise, his scrotum.
The boy froze, only breathing heavily.
“I want you Cyril, I want you right now,” I said, continuing to caress such a desired body.
We lay down in position 69, I continued to caress the

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scrotum, the boy’s pussy with one hand, with my other hand I now played with his ass, after slapping my fingers, I felt his anal hole.
Kirill, meanwhile, performed a blowjob for me, I played with knowledge of the matter.
His mouth could not accommodate my fighter entirely, but his tongue worked wonders, he rushed along the entire length of my dick, not forgetting to process the prick, his hands then played with my scrotum, then gently stroked the inner surface of the thighs.
And so, warm waves of an approaching orgasm begin to cover me, my penis are turning to stone, I, having crushed Cyril under me, fucking him in my mouth, pleasant convulsions went through my body, I continue to jerk my pisun with my hand on my partner, on testicles , pulled up in the scrotum, he too will end soon.
But I’m already everything, starting to shoot sperm, more, more, more, sperm flows down the cheeks of Cyril, he does not have time to swallow it, but I don’t stop, I continue to fuck his cute mouth. Online sex story phpbb limited.

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