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He did not say a word, and because of this, Dorothea did not even know his name.
Madam appealed to him Klaus.
And Dorothea decided it was his name.

To be honest, Klaus was handsome.
He had light blond hair.
And dark as night eyes.
At first, this combination slightly surprised Dorothea.
He, unlike Madame, had a straight little nose and plump lips.
Dorothea did not know who this young man was Madame.
He had a nice figure.
Wide shoulders, narrow waist.
Strong hands.
He was definitely not the son of the lady.
Wearing a dress, Miss Buck exclaimed: Wonderful !!! This is what you need.
You obviously have a talent for sewing.
I invite you to be my seamstress at the court.
I have a great estate.
There is everything you want.
Stables, pond, arbor.
In addition, you will receive your personal room and a governess to help you.

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All this for you to sew me one dress per week.
Judging by your free time talent you have plenty to watch.
Well, how do you agree? Dorothea wondered whether to agree.
After all, she did not know Miss Buck at all, but life in the old house, where the roof is leaking, and she didn’t like mice under the floor.
You know, I probably agree.
“It will be a great honor for me to sew for you,” Dorothea answered politely.
Then meet your governess Klaus, ”said Madame, and showed her hand to the young man who came with her,“ you will have to go with him everywhere.
Even to the toilet.
Just kidding
The toilet is not necessary.
But in other places only with him.
Dorothy liked Klaus, and she did not find it difficult to be with him everywhere.
Soon Dorothea moved to Madame.
She was given a large room on the second floor.

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From the balcony you could see the garden and the pond with the promised pergola.
Dorothea slept on a soft comfortable bed.
One day, after another fitting, Dorothea again felt the desire to touch her pussy and get that pleasure, but Klaus was with her everywhere.
Locking up the toilet was a bad idea, since if Dorothea was there for more than five minutes, Klaus would knock the door down.
Then Dorothea decided that she would do everything in front of the young man.
She took off her dress, sat on the edge of the bed and began to enjoy herself without embarrassment.
She looked at Klaus and began to notice that he had some kind of movement in his pants.
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