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As a rule, all sorts of toys from sex shops, artificial phalluses, balls and other rubbish were used.
Everything was done with Lenkin’s consent.
Now everything was serious.

– So, sit on a chair.
Zadera feet, – the man commanded.
Lenka implicitly sat on a chair and spread her legs.
Her holes defiantly looked at me.
I pulled out a stiff cock and started jerking off.
Her rapist took a bottle from the table, and after finishing the remnants of vodka, he began to insert a bottleneck into her vagina.
It went easy, but then the bottle went

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Lenka bit her lip and quietly groaned toli in pain, toli in pleasure.
When the bottle came in more than half, the bogey leaned back on the sofa and lit a cigarette, watching Lena dutifully sitting with her face loosened, the clothespins on her boobs, her legs spread apart and the bottle in the hole.
– And tell me bitch, what don’t you like? How to fuck in the absence of her husband with me at the store – so please.
How to give to everyone in the district – so there are no problems.
Sluch, you cho husband does not fuck you? All of you women – whores.
Okay, do not cry.
Tomorrow you will rise, you will wash yourself and as a new one you will happily meet your husband.
Love-carrot and all that.
Listening to his words, looking at Lenka, I continued to jerk off and powerfully shot sperm, sat down on the porch.
When I finished, I felt a terrible havoc that turned inside out.
I almost vomited.
Something in my head clicked and switched.
Run for the house.

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To the basement.
Here is a shovel.
Running back.
The door is wide open.
I beat under the Adam’s apple.
Blood fountain
Lenka yells.
Something screaming in response.
Grab the legs, dragging to the site to bury.
To Lenka:
The imposing but tenacious gaze swept the dance floor and almost immediately stopped, selecting a target.
As always, unmistakably and so successfully, that Andrew unwittingly tensed up.
Two bitches, at the most juicy age (about twenty years), it is bitches – usually so he called bright skater brunettes, wriggling to the music right in the center of the hall.
Bitches, and nothing else: a determined look clearly defined.
Not whores, not whores, but two excellent bitches – they don’t fall in love with these because they just want to fuck them.
Andrew reluctantly tore his eyes away from the flexible, juicy bodies of the girls and, looking back at his friends, grinned – all three of them looked there, sitting at their favorite table, right at the railing: from here, from the second floor the whole club was perfectly visible and from here they usually looked out for someone to take off in the next weekend.
Looked out attentively, but carelessly, like fashionable expensive pants in the store — they could be bought without any problems, you just need to check how they sit.
And these bitches looked just cheap: both have straight, shiny black hair, but of varying length — one barely reached the shoulders, the other almost to the middle of the back, which often had sweat from intense and most outspoken movements.
The one with the kare was wearing a white blouse and regular denim shorts, though not the longest.
More precisely, they did not even hide her ass, giving everyone the opportunity to appreciate the neat back of a brunette.
Appreciated, perhaps, all in the crowded club.
Bitches, of course, and moved as it should – rasskazovanno to arrogance, narcissistic, carried away by their bodies, which they used to the fullest.
They danced together, not taking drunken looks from each other, except for those moments when their heads leaned back languidly, and their eyes rehearsed languidly closed, conveniently substituting their beautiful faces for evaluating the looks of guys. Sites similar to livejasmin.

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